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Hello. I'm a Strip-Slaying Bunny.


Name: Tim
Gender: Male
Location: USA.
Ethnicity: Generic Anglo-American mixture. I have Scandinavian, German, Scotch-Irish, a dash of Italian (I think), Danish, and some Native American (I forget which tribe).
Religion: Mormon
Orientation: Heterosexual virgin.
DOB: 01/01/1990
Color: Blue
Best Instrument: The Flute
Favorite Portable Game: Boktai
Favorite Console Game: Sonic 2

Strange System 1.0

HP: Hit Points. Equal to 5*(def+wil)-(avd+spd)
MP: Mana Points. Equal to 5*(atk+mag)-(avd+spd)
Atk: Physical Attack Power.
Def: Physical Defense Power.
Mag: Magical Attack Power.
Wil: Magical Defense Power.
Aim: Aiming Ability.
Avd: Avoidance ability.
Spd: Speed.
Krm: Base Karma rating. Affects expenditure of Mana.
Please note that if 5*(def+wil)-(adv+spd) is less than 1, the character is unplayable.

Inventory for IRC and Forums

One TF gun
one squirrel plushy
a six pack of suspiciously unlabeled soda
a dead fish
a cookie wrapped in shiny plastic
a catnip mouse
a ball of yarn
a flute (pre-equipped)
a flute (given by Tedd, causes random transformations into Catboy/Catgirl/Cat)
5 coconut halves
a big wooden rabbit
a Holy Hand grenade
a Transformation gun
a tuba
a Manase doll
a wooden jacket
37 chairs
a male rabbit
a female rabbit
a teddsexual rabbit
22 snowglobes
a de-frizzer
shrink soda that doubles as a restoration potion
an inflatable pool
a vial of endless water
the Armager Lilly Bell coat of arms
fake squirrel fur
a leek
Grimer (Unnamed as of 7/6/08)
a big drinking fountain
Tedd's basement complete with couch, computer, and TFG booth
Neck armor
a smithy
Scroll of Negate Interdimensional Portals
Scroll of AYBABTU
Kitchen sink
hedge clippers
carrot cake
a camera
a bag of Ice
some courage
a towel
emergency set of clothes
A Cube of Resizing
An interdimensional Backpack, capable of storing everything on this list
Cookie Jar

My slays can be found at http://veldania.castleparadox.com/EGS/slays/

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